Introduction of the village


The conspicuous development of the village became really perceivable after the regime change. In the current situation the village possesses every infrastructure that matches today's standards. (roads, water, electricity, gas, sewers, telephone).


Bakonyjákó is the member of Pápakörnyéki Községi Önkormányzatok Szövetsége (Alliance of Local Goverments in the Outskirts of Pápa), and together with other 47 local governments it constitutes the Pápa és Környéke Települési Önkormányzatok Területfejlesztési Tanácsa (Council of Local Governments of Pápa and Outskirts). These institutions notably contributed to the rapid development of our village.


Our settlement established a common public notary with the villages of Németbánya and Farkasgyepü on 1 January 2004.